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Brussels Food & Restaurant

Brussels will never annoy those people who are always looking for verities in food. Mussels (moules), fries (frites) and chocolate are three prominent class of food in Brussels. Some more Brussels foods include bruxellois dishes include anguilles au vert / paling in't groen (river eels in green sauce), meat balls in tomato sauce, stoemp (mashed vegetables and potatoes) and turbot waterzooi (turbot fish in cream and egg sauce).

Brussels restaurant is available in all ranges from cheap budget range to luxury class range. Quality food also can be ordered online in and around Brussels. Beer is a traditional drink in Brussels. Some special beers may be named as gueuze (rather bitter) and kriek (rather sweet, cherry based). "Half-en-half" ("half and half") is the mixture of white wine and champagne.  

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